Your company deserves happiness. I offer training and lectures focused on understanding happiness and its benefits—for your employees, teams, and the entire organization.

Why choose corporate coaching in happiness?

Happiness is not just a personal experience; it also has significant effects in the workplace. Happiness increases employee motivation, productivity, and loyalty to the company. It also improves the work environment, reduces stress and absenteeism, and promotes creativity and innovation. A happy employee is a productive employee.

Why is happiness in the workplace so important?

For example, one article in the Harvard Business Review, ”The Happiness Dividend,” states that happy employees are about 31% more productive, their sales are 37% higher, and their creativity is three times better.

Another study published in the Journal of Labor Economics showed that an increase in happiness is equivalent to a 147% pay raise when it comes to employee satisfaction.

Additionally, a study conducted by found that companies where employees reported being happy and engaged achieved 22% higher profits and 21% better productivity compared to companies where employees were less happy and engaged. This study also showed that happy and engaged employees were healthier and less likely to quit.

What does offer to companies?

Designed for companies committed to employee well-being and a positive work environment, these coaching sessions and lectures cover theories on happiness, practical exercises, and interactive discussions. Participants gain the skills needed for a happier life through both individual lectures and long-term coaching programs.

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My experience and expertise

My experience as a coach specializing in understanding people’s beliefs and emotions has given me a deep understanding of how we can direct our life experiences towards a happier life. On my own journey, I’ve learned how to face life’s challenges and turn them into sources of happiness. I want to share these important insights and skills with your company.

Although each person’s path is individual, the common factor is the desire to live a full and meaningful life. I understand how important it is to find a balance between work and personal life and to encourage employees to find their own resources. I use this knowledge in my training and lectures, which support the well-being and success of the company.


I am ready to help your company towards a happier and more productive future. Contact me by filling out the contact form. We can tailor my services to meet your company’s needs. I am most active on Facebook, where you can find my writings and videos most easily.


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