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Please explore the free Thought PauseTM and personal coaching

Thought PauseTM – Free 30-Minute Introductory Conversation

Life can sometimes feel uncertain or unknown. You may feel lost or lonely. At this point, it can be helpful to pause for a moment, take some time, and have a ’Thought Pause™’.

”Thought Pause™” is a free, 30-minute introductory conversation with me. This time is reserved for you—to ask questions, get to know me and my working methods, and most importantly—take a moment for yourself.

It’s normal to feel uncertain when taking a step towards change. That’s why ”Thought Pause™” is designed so that you can feel safe and understood, and you can get to know me and my coaching methods before any commitment.

You have the right to be happy. And the first step on this journey could be this ”Thought Pause™”. Give yourself permission to pause, breathe deeply, and experience what the next step could be.

Book a time now for ’Thought Pause™’. It’s time to start anew—you have the right to be happy.

Personal Coaching

Are the keys to happiness missing?

I am here for you—whether you are contemplating a breakup, have separated, are dissatisfied with your life, or otherwise need support in a life change. With a gentle and accepting approach, I help you look at your situation from a new perspective. I teach you tools that help you accept your past, forgive, and find new strength and happiness within you.

My coaching program lasts four weeks. The schedule is flexible and tailored together according to your needs. The goal is for you to get the support and guidance you need to fully experience your life—both sorrow and joy, loss and new discovery.

You will receive support from me throughout your journey, but the process is yours. You may encounter challenges on your journey, but I know you can overcome them. I am here for you, helping you find your own way and find the peace and happiness that has always been in you.

It’s time to make a change. It’s time to find your own path to happiness.

To jointly examine whether my coaching is suitable for you, I offer you a free 30-minute ”Thought PauseTM” -conversation. This is time for you—to ask, to get to know, and to breathe.

Book a time first for the free Thought PauseTM.

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