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I’m Pirjo Isorinne, and I’m here to help you open your heart to happiness

In my life, I’ve faced many challenges. I know what it feels like to lose a loved one, to feel abandoned, and to suddenly fall ill while contemplating one’s own mortality. But these experiences have also led me to understand the healing power of forgiveness and the profound sense of acceptance that comes when we agree to see everything we’ve experienced as part of a larger story.

I’ve previously worked as a grief coach; now, I’m focused on helping people find and grow happiness in their lives. It’s important to me to support people at all stages of life, and I’ve decided to focus on helping people find positivity and joy in life, regardless of the challenges they’ve faced.

I started as a coach in 2010, and this journey has helped me understand even more deeply the diverse experiences and life situations of people. I’ve written a workbook called ”New Beginning – A Gentle Workbook for Recovering from a Breakup” and an e-book on grief called ”You Are More Than Your Grief”. Both books are being translated into English at this moment.

Often, we walk through life as if we have blinders on. My job is to help you lift those blinders so you can experience the beauty and light of your life. Above all, I’m here for you.

In my free time, I strive to be present in everything I do. I enjoy Pilates, gardening, and chess. Our family includes chickens and one rabbit.

Warmly yours, Pirjo
Happiness Coach

Pirjo Isorinne, valmentajasi surussa -
Pirjo Isorinne – Happiness Coach –

I Help You at the Threshold of a New Beginning

Life sometimes presents us with moments that leave us feeling fear, sorrow, anxiety, or anger. These emotions may feel so strong that we feel stuck. It’s as if we’ve lost sight of who we are without these emotional burdens. You may want to understand what it feels like to be happy. I help you find a new beginning, open your doors to forgiveness and self-compassion, and find the inner peace and happiness that has always been in you.

The Power of a New Beginning

Forgiveness can feel challenging, especially when you’ve experienced deep pain or disappointment. I help you understand the healing power of forgiveness and why it is, above all, a gentle act for yourself. Forgiveness doesn’t mean forgetting your past or accepting wrongdoing. It means deciding to free yourself from the burden of the past and give yourself the opportunity for a new beginning.

Ready for your new beginning?

Are you ready for a new beginning? You can start in three ways:

  1. Book a time for a free Thought Pause. In this 30-minute conversation, I help you find what you should focus on right now. It’s your time—time to get acquainted, time to ask, time to breathe.
  2. Personal coaching. Here, I guide you through exercises, tasks, and questions to find the strength within you to start a new chapter in your life. The journey can be challenging, but I know you have everything needed to create a happy life.

What indegrients does a Happiness Coach contain?

  • Communication and Empathy Coach
  • Speaker
  • NLP & Mindset Coach
  • Inner Peace Coach (NVC)
  • Licensed Master Practitioner of NLP™
  • Theta Healing™ Advanced Practitioner
  • Spiritual Coach
  • Energy Healer

My teachers

  • Sanna & Ville Kinanen
  • Shani Taylor
  • Antti Möttönen
  • Lars E. Granskog
  • Sami Minkkinen
  • Ilkka Rajala
  • Gary R. Renard
  • Ilkka Hikipää
  • Mikko Sjögren
  • Tiia Konttinen
  • Mika Heinonen
  • Suvi Bowellan
  • Eila Karppinen

Onnellinen’s Vision

I want to help people free themselves from their inner burdens and recognize their own strengths and possibilities. I believe that self-knowledge is the path to a happy life, and I want to support people on their journey to find themselves.

People who carry burdens often also carry deep love. My job is to help people understand that they can let go of their burden but still retain love.

Start a new beginning – Thought Pause™

Do you need a moment to catch your breath from life’s busyness? ”Thought Pause” is a free 30-minute introductory conversation that gives you the opportunity to pause, breathe, and get to know me and my way of working.

Take a step towards happiness. Give yourself permission to start anew. Book a time for ”Thought Pause” today and experience what the next step could be.

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